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Doctor holding patient hand
26 January 2023
Finance Health Insurance
Health insurance is typically a core component of the employee benefits package offered by many financial institutions Hong Kong. This is because enticing the best staff to work for you is a competiti...
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26 January 2023
Law Health Insurance
CCW Global specializes in providing Law Firms with comprehensive health insurance coverage. From legal practices which operate in a single location with a handful of workers, through to firms which ha...
Student in a hall
26 January 2023
Education Health Insurance
Attracting top talent, no matter the industry, is often a tough challenge. When it comes to education, however, in Asia there is fierce competition between the best international schools when it comes...
12 January 2023
Group Health Insurance
One of the major concerns for modern businesses in an increasingly globalized world is the issue of providing comprehensive employee benefits packages to members of staff who may be working in a range...
Back view of a guy
26 January 2023
Maritime Health Insurance
CCW Global is able to provide comprehensive health insurance options for companies and workers in the international maritime industry. Maritime health insurance plans from CCW are able to protect sail...
26 January 2023
Media and Journalism Health Insurance
News happens all over the world, and where there is news there will be journalists. And where there are journalists there will normally be newspapers. Ignoring the wealth of affiliated media industrie...
Medical benefit
26 January 2023
Oil and Gas Health Insurance
Oil, Gas, and Natural Resource operations are not normally found in the middle of major cities, unless they are the back office services. These businesses, and their workers, are often found in remote...

Insurance Plans(13)

07 September 2022
Vanbreda Health Insurance
CCW Global is able to offer high-quality, comprehensive Hong Kong health insurance plans from leading global insurance company Vanbreda International. Vanbreda International has more than 50 years’ ex...
Integra Global
07 September 2022
IntegraGlobal Health Insurance
CCW Global can provide Hong Kong residents with comprehensive international health insurance plans from leading insurance company IntegraGlobal. IntegraGlobal has been providing high quality global ...
Inter Global
07 September 2022
InterGlobal Health Insurance
CCW Global can provide comprehensive international health insurance in Hong Kong from leading insurance company, InterGlobal. InterGlobal is headquartered in the United Kingdom and was founded as the ...
Globality Health
07 September 2022
Globality Health Insurance
Formerly known as DKV (Deutsche Krankenversicherung) Globality, Globality Health is the specialist expatriate health insurer of Munich Health. Luxembourg based Globality Health draws together the expe...
Expa Care
07 September 2022
ExpaCare Health Insurance
CCW Global is pleased to be able to provide high quality Hong Kong health insurance and international health insurance from leading provider ExpaCare. Expacare has been in business for over 35 years, ...
ALC Health Insurance
22 August 2022
ALC Health Insurance
For over a decade ALC Health has been looking after the international medical insurance needs expatriates and international travelers from across the world by bringing together a range of high quality...
William Russell
07 September 2022
William Russell Health Insurance
William Russell is the award-winning independent provider of international insurance for expats, their families, and international employers since 1992. The company was founded by Inez Cooper and Jame...
April International
07 September 2022
April International Health Insurance
Specializing in health insurance APRIL International is part of the APRIL group, a French wholesale insurance specialist operating in 33 countries and looking after close to 6 million policyholders wo...
Bupa ihi
07 September 2022
IHI Bupa Health Insurance
CCW Global is able to offer High-Quality Hong Kong health insurance plans from Bupa ihi. For the last 30 years Bupa ihi has served as a leading international insurance provider of global health and tr...
Nordic Insurance
07 September 2022
Nordic International Health Insurance
As a subsidiary of Europæiske Rejseforsikring A/S, Nordic Health Care (NHC) is committed in providing extensive medical insurance policies for an international audience. Owned by the German insurance ...
Pallas Global Health
07 September 2022
Pallas Global Health Insurance
CCW Global offers high quality Hong Kong health insurance plans from leading international insurance provide, Pallas Global Health. Pallas Global Health strives to provide clients a maximum scope of c...
Swisscare International
07 September 2022
Siwsscare International Health Insurance
CCW Global can provide comprehensive international health insurance plans in Hong Kong from leading global health insurance company, SwissCare International. Swisscare is headquartered in Switzerland ...
Now Health
07 September 2022
Now Health International Insurance
Now Health International is a specialist international health insurance provider based in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Dubai and the UK. At the heart of its offer are benefit-rich products combined with its a...