Oil and Gas Industry Insurance

Oil, Gas, Power, and Resource extraction organizations all have complex risk management needs. Whether you are mining coal in Indonesia, or have an Oil Platform in the South China Sea, CCW Global offers a wide range of comprehensive insurance products to assist in the mitigation or most exposures.

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Oil and Gas Insurance Plans

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Oil and Gas Business Interruption Insurance

Whether you are worried about acts of sabotage, mutinies on oil tankers, strikes, riots, or even all out war, delays and interruptions to everyday business operations can have severe financial consequences.

CCW Global specializes in worldwide coverage for business interruption insurance, and can assist your company in ensuring business continuity in the face of costly and often violent incidents.

For more information please click Oil and Gas Business Interruption Insurance.

Oil and Gas Group Health Insurance

With natural resource extraction occurring in some of the most distant and far flung parts of the world, an ordinary, run-of-the-mill health insurance plan isn’t going to cut it for most Oil and Gas companies.

With the ability to see doctors in close proximity to drill or extraction sites, global coverage for all workers under a single policy, and the options to tailor benefits to meet the needs of different categories of workers, CCW’s Oil and Gas health insurance options are designed to meet the needs of a globally present resource management company.

Oil and Gas Cargo Throughput

From Oil tankers operating out of Yemen needing hull cover, through to production liability and marine cargo protection, there are a lot of things that can go wrong in the management and transshipment of Oil, Gas, and Natural Resources.

With product liability insurance, marine salvage and cargo insurance, fleet hull insurance, and comprehensive cargo throughput protection, CCW Global has an expert understanding of the global cargo risks inherent in the Oil and natural gas industry.

For more information please click Oil and Gas Cargo Insurance.


Free Oil and Gas Industry Insurance Consultations

If your company is operating in the Oil, Gas, Power, or Natural Resource industries and would like to evaluate your comprehensive risk management options, or if you would like to benchmark your existing covers against the market, simply to arrange a free no-risk, no-obligation consultation with one of our expert brokers today.

For more information about CCW Global, our Team, and our quotation process, please click About Us.

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