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Formerly known as DKV (Deutsche Krankenversicherung) Globality, Globality Health is the specialist expatriate health insurer of Munich Health. Luxembourg based Globality Health draws together the expertise and resources of the Munich Re group. This includes 5,000 health experts based in 26 locations worldwide and the financial strength and security of being within a global, AA- rated, insurance and reinsurance business.

German healthcare standards and expectations are renowned for being amongst the highest in the World and Globality’s YouGenio and CoGenio medical insurance policies have evolved from their parent’s 80 years’ experience in serving their home and expatriate medical insurance markets. This enables Globality Health to deliver an international class-leading combination of proven benefits and service to expatriates of every nationality.

Three tiers of cover (Classic, Plus and Top), all of which offer unlimited inpatient and outpatient benefits, mean that policyholders can tailor benefits, deductibles and even regional coverage to suit each member of a family group. Flexible underwriting options provide for full coverage, often allowing pre-existing conditions to be covered. Renewal and benefit guarantees are integral to every Globality YouGenio policy and cover is very broad, with few restrictions or exclusions and outstanding maternity, dental and lifestyle benefits available if preferred.

In 2012, Globality Health raised the provision of international service to a new level with their Globalites network of integrated healthcare service satellites. These provide direct, local access to claims and assistance services and expertise via 13 offices. Each Globalite office is linked in real-time to Luxembourg headquarters and each of its peers; enabling a seamless service to be provided wherever and whenever needed.

CCW Global can provide high quality international health insurance plans from Globality Health, which will offer you comprehensive medical protection around the world.

DKV Globality Health Important Considerations

Customers considering the purchase of a DKV Globality Health Insurance policy should be aware of the fact that this provider has had a history of extreme premium increases since 2012.

A policyholder purchasing a DKV policy in 2011 would have seen their total annual premium increase by more than 135% were they to stay on the plan today.

It is important to understand that Globality Health is experiencing unsustainable pricing, leading to all of the company's policy becoming highly expensive - in excess of the typical 10% premium inflation rates which are normally levied by many competing providers. Furthermore, DKV is no longer offering its two premier coverage options to Hong Kong residents as these products have experience extremely high loss ratios and are no longer sustianable for the company to sell locally.

If you are a DKV Globality Policyholder wishing to explore alternative coverage options in light of the company's extreme price increases, CCW can provide a range of additional health insurance products from many leading international insurance companies.

For more information about the DKV Globality Premium Increases, and what this means for policyholders, please click DKV Globality Premium Increases.


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