Group Maternity Insurance

CCW Global can offer businesses around the world group health insurance plans which include comprehensive maternity coverage benefits.

Maternity Coverage is often a contentious topic in relation to group health insurance plans, as a case can be made for both the essential nature of the coverage being provided to employees and the fact that this type of policy benefit is no longer required by a younger generation of workers in the 21stcentury.

As such, companies offering group health insurance coverage to their employees are beginning to reconsider the inclusion of maternity benefits in traditional policy options, seeing the exclusion of this type of benefit as a strong area with which to reduce the overall cost of the plan.

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Group Maternity Insurance Coverage

Maternity coverage benefits under a group medical insurance policy will provide protection against the costs associated with maternity and pregnancy related medical treatments. If this benefit is included on your company’s health insurance plan then it will normally cover the costs of:

  • Routine Deliveries (Births)
  • Medically Necessary Caesarean Sections (C-Sections)
  • Home Delivery Options
  • Pre-Natal Checkups
  • Post Natal Checkups

In some cases, a more comprehensive maternity benefit under a group health insurance scheme may even provide coverage for the costs associated with:

  • IVF and Fertility Treatments
  • Newborn Child Protection
  • Treatment of an Infant’s Congenital Birth Defects

Offering this option to employees under a group medical insurance scheme will ensure that your staff, and their dependents are comprehensively protected against the costs of having children.

However, it is important to note that while there are a number of typical benefits to including maternity insurance coverage on your group’s health insurance policy, each insurance company will normally handle the issue of maternity coverage in different ways. Because CCW works with more than 40 leading insurance providers, we can help your organization to find the best possible maternity benefits to include in your group health insurance scheme.


Free Maternity Insurance Advice for Groups

If your company is considering offering a maternity insurance benefit under a group health insurance plan then CCW Global can help you to find the best possible coverage. Our expert health insurance advisors will work with your organization’s key stakeholders to provide in-depth benchmarking of all the policy options which include the coverage benefits which your company has specifically requested, and we will work to ensure that all employees of the company being covered by the scheme are comprehensively protected.

Contact Us Today for more information about Maternity Coverage under a Group health insurance plan, and to learn more about our dedicated corporate health insurance services.

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