Group Dental Insurance Plans

CCW Global can offer a number of group health insurance options which include dental insurance coverage.

Dental insurance can be an attractive addition to an employee’s benefit package. With dental treatment carrying a significant cost in many countries around the world, choosing to include a coverage benefit which allows employees to receive high quality dental and orthodontic treatment can see a company attract and retain vital talent.

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Group Dental Insurance Protection

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Dental Insurance Coverage

Dental Insurance coverage under a group health insurance policy can include wide ranging protection for your employee’s teeth. Coverage under a policy benefit for dental insurance can include:

  • Root Canal Treatment
  • Bridgework
  • Crowns and Inlays
  • Wisdom Teeth Treatment (including extraction)
  • Routine Treatments and Examinations
  • Fillings
  • Emergency Pain-Relieving Dental Treatment

In some cases it may be possible to obtain dental coverage benefits under a group health insurance plan which include protection for the costs associated with Orthodontic treatments and dental prosthetic devices. If your group would like to include this type of coverage in your dental health insurance plan please speak to a CCW team member today.

Benefits to Group Dental Insurance

Groups choosing to include dental insurance on their health insurance plan can normally bypass the waiting period which is applied when this type of coverage is purchased by individuals and families. This means that your company would be able to start offering dental protection to employees as soon as the policy is in force.

Please click Pre-existing Condition Coverage for additional information about avoiding waiting periods under Group Health Insurance policies.

Premium Considerations for Group Dental Coverage

Groups choosing to include Dental Coverage in their Health Insurance policies should note that the inclusion of a dental benefit will normally increase the overall cost of the plan. When coupled with other optional benefits, such as Maternity and Alternative Therapy coverage, a dental benefit is often the amongst the first add-ons to be considered for exclusion should the cost of the policy start to increase.

This can pose a problem for employees who have come to rely on such coverage, and can mean having to find new coverage options without dental protection should the costs be a major impediment to the policy offering.


Free Dental Insurance Advice for Groups

If your company is considering the purchase of a group medical insurance plan CCW Global can help you to understand which products are the best for your organization.

We provide No-Cost, No-Risk benchmarking services, investigating group health insurance packages for companies worldwide. If you would like to more information please Contact Us Today.

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