Group Travel Insurance

CCW Global is able to provide businesses in Hong Kong and across Asia with comprehensive travel insurance options.

The Business Travel Insurance products we work with are provided by leading international insurance providers, and are able to be customized to meet the specific needs of your organization. From one-off trips to year round journeys, Group Travel Insurance plans are a straightforward and cost effective way to ensure your employees have the support they deserve should they encounter any difficulties while abroad.

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Flexible Trip Types

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Single Trip Group Travel Insurance

Single trip Group Travel Insurance Coverage is designed for groups of 10 or more employees who are traveling together, in the same group, to the same destination. This type of protection can be useful in the event that you are scheduled to attend a conference or symposium, and a large number of employees will be traveling together to the same destination.

Under Single Trip travel insurance plans, both the outbound and inbound date of travel count as “travel dates” and must be declared to the insurer on application. 

The premium associated with single trip group travel insurance protection will be dependent on the duration of the travel, the number of employees traveling, and the level of coverage selected.

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Annual Group Travel Insurance

Annual group travel insurance products offer businesses streamlined administration and the avoidance of having to purchase new coverage each time employees go overseas for work.

Under an Annual Group Travel Insurance policy, with more than 10 employees enrolled all workers under the policy would be able to receive continuous travel insurance protection throughout the course of a calendar year. While individual travel will be limited (generally up to 90 days of travel per year), the ability to take as many journeys as needed under that limit ensures that business travelers will always have the support of their travel insurance policy when they need it.

Annual Group Travel Insurance protection is normally more expensive than single-trip coverage, but means that the HR department no longer has to take out travel protection on a case-by-case basis.

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