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Ceo with his staff
12 January 2023
Corporate Life Insurance
CCW Global is able to advise businesses in Hong Kong, China, and across the Asia Pacific region on the full range of Group Life Insurance solutions available in the international market. Working with ...
Mohamed nohassi odx B5o IG i A unsplash
07 December 2022
Accidents, Injuries, and Life Insurance
A common form of insurance that is often overlooked in Hong Kong (and elsewhere around the world) is Life Insurance. Recent reports in the South China Morning Post have highlighted that the sale of li...

Insurance Plans(2)

Met Life
07 September 2022
MetLife Life Insurance
CCW Global is able to offer high quality Hong Kong Life Insurance plans from leading insurance provider MetLife Metropolitan Life Insurance Company of Hong Kong Limited and MetLife Limited are the pri...
China Life
07 September 2022
China Life Insurance (Overseas) Company Limited
Operating in Hong Kong since 1985, the China Life Insurance (Overseas) Company Limited is the first and largest State-owned insurance corporation operating in Hong Kong and Macau. Also known by the ab...