Group Health Insurance Wellness Benefits

CCW Global can provide comprehensive Wellness Benefits on group health insurance plans we offer to companies, non-profit organizations, and clubs worldwide.

In the modern world an important part of healthcare is the active prevention of illness and debilitating conditions through active management of an individual’s lifestyle, dietary and exercise choices. A critical facet of this management is understanding an individual’s individual health risks through systematic checks and investigations into their overall healthcare picture – this is also known as “Wellness” and the costs of procedures associated with wellness can be covered under a group medical insurance plan.

Choosing to obtain a group medical insurance policy which includes a Wellness Benefit can help businesses to ensure that workers remain in the best possible physical and mental condition – enabling higher levels of productivity and greater ROI on employee investments.

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Wellness Coverage on Group Health Insurance

If a group health insurance plan includes a Wellness Coverage benefit then the enrolled group members will be covered for the costs associated with yearly medical check-ups – giving the individual a comprehensive assessment of their current health status as well as providing them with extensive lifestyle management advice.

This allows for medical conditions, such as cancer, to potentially be caught much earlier than if the individual had waited for symptoms to develop – enabling higher rates of recovery and successful treatment and ensuring that the group member is able to take a more active role in the management of their own medical situation.

Furthermore, recent Wellness Benefit developments have seen a raft of tools and practices emerge around the world, which allow for bigger financial savings for businesses whilst incentivizing employees and group members to make smarter decisions in regards to their lifestyle choices. For example, CIGNA International offers a voluntary Online Health Outlook questionnaire, which will provide more favourable underwriting conditions to the group when all members provide details on their current lifestyle practices and healthcare concerns.

In markets like the USA and EU group medical insurance plans are being offered a range of innovative benefits, including the provision of medical insurance No-Claims-Bonuses which would see significant discounts at renewal for groups that had no, or lower than expected claims profiles. This type of innovation, along with incentivized gym memberships and food credits for shopping healthy at stores like Whole Foods, has not yet hit the Asian market but is poised to make an appearance in the APAC group health industry in the short term future.

CCW can work with corporate and group customers to customize their policies to include bespoke wellness benefits. Customization options for Wellness Benefits on group health insurance plan can be obtained by groups with 2 or more enrolled members. Please note that Wellness Benefits for group policies can only be obtained in addition to the purchase of inpatient insurance coverage.


Free Advice for Wellness Benefits on Group Plans

If you would like to learn more about the Wellness Benefits offered on Group Health Insurance plans for business and groups around the world, please Contact Us to arrange a no-risk no-obligation consultation with an expert CCW Global insurance broker.

You can learn more about the specialized services which CCW offers to companies and businesses worldwide by clicking About CCW Global.

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