Group Health Insurance Emergency Evacuation Cover

CCW Global can provide comprehensive emergency evacuation coverage on group health insurance plans worldwide.

An emergency evacuation coverage benefit can be a vital aspect of a group health insurance policy, especially for businesses and organizations operating in remote or dangerous parts of the world – including Oil and Gas Companies, NGO’s, and Aviation firms.

In the event of a group member becoming sick, or suffering from a severe injury, in a remote location or in a place where the standards of medical care are not high, an emergency evacuation coverage provision on the group’s medical insurance plan can offer vital peace of mind that the individual will be able to receive the medical treatment required for the condition.

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How Does Emergency Evacuation Insurance Operate?

An emergency evacuation coverage benefit will usually come into force in the event that an insured individual develops a severe illness or suffers from an accident in a remote part of the world or an area where high quality medical treatment is unavailable.

When this happens, the group’s health insurance policy will ensure that the member is able to be transported to the nearest centre of medical excellence in order to receive necessary healthcare treatment.

Depending on the location of the individual requiring the evacuation, the transportation could be an overland ambulance journey, or it could require a helicopter or plane journey to a hospital or clinic which is not reachable in a timely manner over land. No matter how the evacuation is performed, the individual will always be transported to a medical facility which is capable of providing adequate standards of care to treat the condition the person is suffering from.

It is important to note, however, than an emergency evacuation cannot be requested because the insured member does not like the hospital they are receiving treatment at – in order for the emergency medical evacuation to be covered under the group’s health insurance policy the evacuation must be deemed to be a medical necessity. This means that the evacuation must have occurred due to an inability to receive the appropriate treatment in the insured member’s current location and will normally have to be approved by both the insurance company and the attending doctors at the local medical facility.

Obviously, in an emergency situation in a remote location the intention of the emergency medical evacuation is to get the insured individual to the nearest medical facility as soon as possible, which will normally be located in the nearest major city.


Why Should Emergency Evacuation be Considered on Group Health Insurance?

The costs associated with a routine medical evacuation can be extremely high – often running in excess of US$ 100,000 per evacuation event.

If a company or business has employees working in remote or dangerous locations, such as an oil and gas industry worker operating in the oil fields of the Middle East, then the company will normally be liable for ensuring that workers are transported to a healthcare facility in a timely and efficient manner following an accident or illness.

Purchasing a group health insurance policy which covers workers for their healthcare received whilst overseas, but which does not provide coverage for emergency evacuation events can mean that the company may have to bear the burden of the full costs of the evacuation out of its operating budget. Furthermore, outside of the financial concerns of the business paying for the evacuation in these situations, the inclusion of an emergency evacuation benefit on a group medical insurance policy can be an attractive proposition for staff who may need to utilize the coverage at some point – enabling a business to attract and retain vital talent by including such a simple coverage provision in their employee benefits package.


Free Emergency Evacuation Advice and Consultations

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