Group Health Insurance Waiting Periods

CCW Global can provide group health insurance options to businesses and companies worldwide which will have no waiting periods for a number of key coverage benefits.

Because of CCW’s relationships with many of the world’s leading international insurance companies, we are able to provide comprehensive group medical insurance solutions which offer extended coverage to your group members. As a part of this, we are able to access high quality corporate health insurance plans which will have no waiting periods associated with coverage benefits including Maternity and Dental protection.

Available to group health insurance policies where 20 or more members are enrolled on a plan, a company medical insurance policy which can provide coverage without the limitations associated with a waiting period can be a vital tool in attracting and retaining key talent in today’s competitive job market.

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What is a Waiting Period?

A waiting period is the length of time during which you are unable to receive coverage under your plan for a certain policy benefit.

For example, if a certain policy benefit has a waiting period of 10 months from the start of the plan, then a group would be unable to receive coverage under a company’s health insurance plan until the organization had held the policy for a minimum of 10 months.

It is important to note that only treatment received after the completion of a waiting period is able to be claimed for under the policy – a claim submitted after the completion of the waiting period for treatment which was received while the waiting period was in force will be rejected under a group health insurance plan.


Maternity Waiting Periods on Group Health Insurance

Whilst maternity coverage is often viewed as an optional extra by many companies considering the purchase of a group health insurance policy, those organizations which opt to include a maternity benefit in their coverage are often extremely concerned about the waiting periods which all insurance companies will attach to the protection – essentially questioning the length of time the employees must wait in order to receive the benefit of the coverage provision.

In most cases the waiting period associated with a maternity coverage benefit on an international health insurance policy will be in the region of 10 to 12 months from the start of the plan.

CCW can help groups of 20 or more members receive maternity insurance protection on the group health insurance policy without any waiting periods. This means that even if a pregnancy were deemed to be a pre-existing medical condition by the insurer, the conjunction of a MHD coverage benefit and no waiting period means that employees would be able to receive comprehensive protection for maternity related treatments immediately upon the purchase of the policy.


Dental Waiting Periods on Group Health Insurance

Dental coverage benefits, like Maternity benefits, will be attached to waiting periods on all international group health insurance products offered by CCW.

This is due to the fact that most individuals will have some form of dental medical condition which requires treatment (even if they are not aware of it) which in turn means that the insurance company will treat dental benefits with the assumption that pre-existing conditions will result in a claim. As such, a waiting period of between 6 to 12 months from the start of the plan will usually be applied in order to lower the overall impact of an otherwise uninsurable pre-existing medical condition.

However, as with maternity waiting periods, CCW can provide group health insurance options without dental benefit waiting periods if the group has 20 or members being covered under the policy.


Free Advice on Group Health Insurance Waiting Periods

If you would like to look at the options associated with waiting periods on group health insurance benefits, or if you would like to schedule a no-risk, no-fee consultation with an expert CCW insurance broker, simply Contact Us Today.

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