Insurance for the Education Industry

From local and internationals schools, through to private tutoring centers and even textbook publishers, there are a wide range of businesses and risks that are faced every day within the education industry. CCW Global is an expert in catering for the needs of the education industry, both in Hong Kong and across the Asia Pacific region.

Working with more than 60 leading insurance companies, CCW Global has the experience and knowledge of the core areas of concern with relation to the various risks faced by Schools and related organizations every day.

From insuring the actual structure of a school, and all of the equipment it uses, through to staff healthcare and worker’s compensation, there are a wide range of suitable solutions to ensure that the business of education is able to continue without interruption.

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School Insurance Plans

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School Health Insurance Plans

A major area of concern, especially for international schools in the Asia Pacific region, is being able to provide affordable, yet high-quality healthcare for teachers and back office staff. Being able to include a comprehensive health insurance policy as part of a teacher’s benefits package can often mean the difference between obtaining a key hire or losing a potential employee to a competitor.

There are a extensive array of customizable health insurance options available to schools and smaller tuition facilities, and policies will ensure that the healthcare issues most important to teachers – even maternity cover – will be taken care of.

For more information please click School Health Insurance Plans.

School Liability Insurance

One of the biggest headaches for educators and administrators is the risk of a child, parent, or outside third party suffering a serious accident or injury while on school property. While most schools will include a liability waiver as part of the admissions process, this might not be the complete protection that an educational organization would receive under a standard third-party liability waiver.

This is especially true in relation to a school’s liability towards its employees, and as part of a liability insurance portfolio all schools in Hong Kong will have the mandated Employee’s Compensation insurance cover.

Learn more about School Liability Insurance here

School Property Insurance

The business of education often involves a lot of equipment – from text books to computers, and even desks and chairs, a large portion of any given school’s assets will be found in its facilities and equipment.

Replacing these items every time there is a loss or a theft would be a staggering burden on the school’s budget. Even more of a concern is what would happen if something was to happen to the physical structure of the school, how would the facility be rebuilt? What would happen to students while they were unable to attend classes?

Comprehensive protection for the physical aspects of education will be available through the various property insurance products available to schools.

Learn more by clicking School Property Insurance.


Free Insurance Consultations for Education Organizations

If your organization is in the education industry and would like to look at your current insurance policies or if you would like to obtain additional coverage, simply Contact Us to arrange a free, no-risk, no-obligation consultation with an expert Corporate Insurance Broker.

You can learn more about our team and quotation process by clicking About Us.

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