Insurance for Financial Businesses from CCW Global

CCW Global is able to arrange a wide variety of covers to help businesses in the financial services industry properly manage their risks.

From Accounting Firms, through to Wealth Management Advisors and even Insurance companies, no matter what your financial service business does, we can help you to ensure that you are properly protected while you do it.

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Financial Services Insurances

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Financial Services Professional and Financial Coverage

Businesses in the financial services industry are exposed to more financial risks than brick-and-mortar retailers. Additionally, as financial services companies normally work with “clients” rather than “customers” further risks are present in the form of the advice that is being provided.

There are a range of Professional and Financial insurance products available that are able to expressly cater to the unique needs of the financial services industry, including:

Financial Services Cyber Insurance

With the explosion of web-connected business activities in the last 5 years, and the massive growth of the internet of things, no single industry is more exposed to cyber crime than the Finance industry. With online banking, the vulnerability of financial institutions to social engineering and phishing attacks, and the sheer amount of money involved in the industry, Financial Companies are often extremely attractive targets to cyber criminals.

Cyber insurance products specifically designed for companies in the Finance industry is a broad solution to some of the biggest threats facing businesses in the modern world.

Finance Industry Health Insurance

One of the biggest assets to any business in the Finance Industry are the company’s employees. With the competitive nature between many businesses in the industry Finance companies generally offer top level health insurance benefits to staff as part of their compensation packages.

Comprehensive group health insurance plans for leading financial institutions are a cornerstone of enticing top talent. With an array of unique, bespoke options, and the ability to cover offices around the world under a single policy, Finance Health Insurance policies should be part of every Finance Industry Company’s risk management assessment.


Free Finance Industry Insurance Consultations

If your company is within the finance industry and you would like to arrange a consultation with an expert corporate broker at CCW Global to discuss any of the Finance Industry Insurance products available in Hong Kong, please Contact Us Today.

We are able to provide no-risk, no-obligation, no-fee consultation services. You can learn more about our process by clicking About Us.

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