Group Health Insurance Coverage Areas

With the international nature of modern businesses it is important that any group medical insurance policy held by a company provide the flexibility required by the organization to ensure comprehensive protection of employees on a worldwide basis.

International group medical insurance policies from CCW Global will give you the option of selecting where in the world you would like your employees to receive protection under the plan – giving international and multinational businesses granular control of their health insurance scheme, enabling maximum savings while offering coverage that meets the company’s specific requirements.

With options for group health insurance plans that will provide coverage on a domestic basis in many countries worldwide, to policies which offer regional protection, CCW can also ensure that your group’s members have the support of the policy worldwide.

Options for Geographical Coverage Areas under Group Medical Insurance policies from CCW Global include:

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Domestic Coverage Only

Group Health Insurance policies which provide domestic coverage will only offer protection to scheme members within the borders of a single country. This means if, for example, a company located in China chooses to obtain domestic-only protection for its group medical insurance scheme that policy will only offer protection inside the borders of the People’s Republic of China.

Employees travelling outside of the PRC in this instance would need to purchase supplementary travel insurance protection if they require insurance coverage whilst overseas.

Similarly, if your company is located in Hong Kong and chose to purchase a group medical insurance policy which provides Hong Kong-Only coverage, the policy would only protect the group from the costs of medical treatment received inside the borders of Hong Kong. Employees traveling to China, or any other parts of Asia would need to purchase supplementary


Regional Insurance Coverage

CCW can provide group medical insurance options which offer regional protection, rather than limiting the coverage offered by the scheme to a single country. A good example of a regional group medical insurance scheme is one that would cover Asia.

Under a group medical insurance policy which offers coverage in Asia, employees and other members of the policy would be able to receive medical protection in a number of countries throughout the APAC Region – giving more flexibility and coverage that a policy which is offered on a domestic basis.

An Asia-Only group health insurance policy can, as an example, allow for protection against the costs of medical treatment in Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam. This means that such an option may be extremely suitable for a company with a strong presence in, and interest towards these emerging markets.


Worldwide and Worldwide Excluding the USA

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Worldwide Coverage

A group medical insurance plan which provides worldwide coverage can be used by a company to protect its employees against the costs of their medical expenses anywhere in the world. This means that plan members are able to choose where in the world they will receive their medical treatment, and can even travel to another country to receive healthcare with leading specialists or undergo testing at world class medical facilities offering the highest standards of care.

However, because Worldwide coverage will allow your staff to receive medical treatment anywhere in the world these plans are normally the most expensive option available. Companies looking to provide staff with extensive international coverage options may consider excluding the USA from the geographical protection area under the policy in order to contain costs.

Worldwide Coverage Excluding the USA

As the USA is the most expensive place in the world to receive healthcare, choosing to obtain a group medical insurance plan which offers coverage in the country (a policy which is provided on a worldwide coverage basis) will mean that it is far more expensive than a plan which excludes coverage in the USA.

If your company is not headquartered in the USA and if the organization does not employ a large number of American nationals, then choosing a group medical plan which excludes coverage in America (whilst allowing for protection of your staff throughout the rest of the world) can mean significant savings on the overall cost of the health insurance scheme.


Important Coverage Area Considerations

With a group health insurance plan it can often be difficult to find the right balance between benefits being demanded by employees and the overall cost of the coverage. By selecting an appropriate coverage area based on the long term goals and business strengths of the company, a group health insurance plan can be both flexible and cost effective, whilst giving members of staff the security they demand.

If your business does not have a presence in the USA, and if you do not have any American staff members, then choosing to exclude the country from your group medical insurance policy’s coverage is probably the single biggest step you can take towards securing a cost effective coverage solution. However, identifying the core markets which are important to the company will influence the overall structure of the insurance plan’s coverage area and may mean that a regional, or even domestic policy is a more reasonable selection for the business than a plan which provides worldwide coverage.


Free Group Health Insurance Consultations and Advice

f you would like a risk-free consultation about your company’s group medical insurance scheme then CCW Global is happy to assist you in benchmarking the many options available. We will work with your organization’s key stakeholders to identify the appropriate health insurance coverage areas, and the policies which provide them, to give your company a leading edge in attracting and retaining vital talent, whilst giving existing employees peace-of-mind that they have the protection they need in the event of a worst-case scenario.

To speak with an expert group medical insurance advisor, please Contact CCW today.

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