Business Insurance Packages

CCW Global is able to offer comprehensive Business Insurance Packages to businesses and companies in Hong Kong and China.

A Business Insurance Package can be a simple and effective way to protect a company against a wide range of diverse risks in a single easy-to-use policy. From Office Contents coverage through to Business Interruption and Theft insurance, a business insurance package often offers the most accessible option for obtaining low-cost yet comprehensive protection for a company.

Despite Hong Kong and many other countries in Asia being safe and promising locations for businesses, accidents and mistakes can happen. A Business Insurance Package can provide the assurance that a company requires to keep operating in the aftermath of an untoward situation.

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Coverage under Business Insurance Packages

Business Insurance packages are able to protect a company against a wide range of risks; as such, these policies are often known as “umbrella” coverage using a single plan to provide a number of benefits. Consequently, the total protection offered under each plan benefit will normally be lower than if a stand-alone insurance plan had been obtained for the specific risk being covered, but this is often offset by the ease of use and access offered by the package.

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Employee Compensation Insurance

Worker's Compensation Business Insurance packages will normally provide the mandatory minimum levels of Employee Compensation coverage, satisfying a company’s obligation to their employees under relevant government regulations.

EC Insurance coverage is typically included as standard in a Business Insurance package from CCW Global.

For more information about this type of insurance, and for additional options, please click Employees Compensation Insurance.

Public Liability Insurance

Covering a business against its legal liability to the public in respect of bodily injury and/or property damage, many Business Insurance Packages will offer the option for a company to include Public Liability insurance protection under the plan.

If a business has members of the general public interacting with its location, or if it has any exposed signage in public areas, considering a Public Liability option is strongly encouraged.

For more information about this type of insurance, and for additional options, please click Public Liability Insurance.

Office Contents Insurance

Office Contents Insurance is often included as standard under Business Insurance Packages, but can also be obtained as optional cover from a number of specialist business insurance companies. Under this type of protection a company is protected against loss or damage to the contents of an office, including electronic equipment (such as computers), and against burglary and theft by force.

Office Contents Insurance is largely overlooked by many businesses in the Asia Pacific region, but can be vital coverage in the event of a break in or physical damage to a company’s office property.

For more information about this type of insurance, and for additional options, please click Office Contents Insurance.

Business Interruption Insurance

A Business Interruption coverage benefit under a Business Insurance package will indemnify a company against loss of gross profits, gross revenue, wages and increased costs of working in the event that day-to-day operations are interrupted due to loss, destruction, or damage from an insured event.

It is important to note that Business Interruption Insurance in Hong Kong and China is normally only available under a Business Insurance package and is not typically offered as a stand-alone policy. However, due to the fact that this type of coverage is offered under the umbrella of a package policy the covered interruption events are extremely wide and varied.

Additional Package Coverage Benefits

Additional coverage benefits offered under a Business Insurance Package in Hong Kong and China can include:

  • Fire Extinguishing Benefits
  • Fidelity Guarantee Insurance
  • Loss of Money Cover
  • Landslip and Subsidence Insurance

Please note that the types of coverage available under a Business Insurance package will vary dependent on the specific insurance company offering the plan. As such, it is important to ensure that any business insurance package an organization is considering purchasing have the necessary coverage required by the business.


Free Business Insurance Consultations

CCW Global offers free no-risk, no-obligation consultations to businesses in Hong Kong, China, and the Asia Pacific region in regards to their insurance coverage. If your company would like to receive independent benchmarking as to your current risk-management solutions, or if you would like to learn about your insurance options in the region, please Contact Us Today to speak with an expert business insurance broker.

Additional information about the extensive services offered by CCW Global to corporate customers can be found by clicking About Us.

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