Company Disability Income Insurance

CCW Global can provide comprehensive Disability Income Protection Insurance to companies in Hong Kong, China, and throughout the Asia Pacific Region.

Disability Income Insurance will provide periodic settlements to workers in the event that they are temporarily or permanently disabled and are unable to perform the normal duties of their employment.

Many companies may look at disability income from the perspective of “its not our problem if employees are unable to work” leaving staff to fend for themselves in the wake of an accident or injury which leaves an individual disabled. Other organizations will look at this type of protection as a form of guarantee that their best workers will have the support required to rehabilitate their injury (in the event of a partial disablement) and return to work after being treated.

Simply put, when an individual is disabled through accident, injury, or sickness, they will normally be unable to perform their job duties and will consequently require time off from work, during which they will not be drawing a salary. By offering Critical Illness Insurance cover the business gives workers the assurance that, while they may not be drawing a wage during their rehabilitation from their disability, they will be provided with the financial support they require to continue their normal life until they are able to return to work, if that ever happens.

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Company Disability Income Coverage

As previously mentioned, if a company provides Disability Income protection to employees then staff are covered for lost wages in the event that they are permanently or partially disabled for up to 2 years following the accident which resulted in their disability.

It is important to note that a Disability Income protection insurance policy will only cover employees for up to 75 percent of their annual salary, and can typically only be used to cover employees under 65 years of age. Furthermore, because disability income insurance will provide income protection in the event of an individual suffering from an accident or illness which leaves them disabled, workers and companies in high-risk occupations can generally expect to pay a higher premium than an organization which primarily focuses on traditional office work.


Free Disability Income Insurance Consultations

If your company would like to look at arranging disability income protection for employees, or if you would like to enquire about the corporate disability income protection options available in Hong Kong, please Contact CCW Global Today to arrange a free no-risk no-obligation consultation with an expert Corporate Insurance Broker.

If you have any questions about CCW Global, the services we provide, or how we offer our corporate customers quotations in Hong Kong and China, please click About CCW Global for additional information.

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