Group Health Insurance Plans for Schools

Attracting top talent, no matter the industry, is often a tough challenge. When it comes to education, however, in Asia there is fierce competition between the best international schools when it comes to finding the best possible teachers and staff that elates this challenge.

A comprehensive health insurance policy is often the cornerstone of a school’s employee benefits package. By ensuring that staff, and their families, have their healthcare secured schools are able to use a quality medical insurance offering to both hire and retain the finest educators.

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About Education Health Insurance Plans

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School Medical Insurance Coverage

One of the best aspects of education-focused health insurance products is that they are highly flexible. Starting with a diverse array of coverage benefits, in most cases you are able to tailor the plan to the specific needs of your school.

All health insurance plans for schools and related businesses will include a core inpatient coverage component. This will ensure that teachers and administrators are protected against the costs of healthcare when staying overnight in a hospital is a medical necessity.

From there, the optional coverages available to schools include:

Furthermore, schools are often afforded the ability to define different levels of coverage under their policies creating bands of employees who are able to receive coverage appropriate with their standing in the institution.

From a financial perspective this can be extremely effective in managing the budget and maintain a quality level of benefits for staff.

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School Pre-existing Condition Coverage

One of the biggest assets to schools when it comes to health insurance is the ability for pre-existing conditions to be covered under the policy. This is due to the fact that that schools are able to access a special benefit of group health insurance plans called Medical History Disregarded.

Medical History Disregarded, or MHD, is typically only available to larger groups and businesses, and cannot be obtained on an individual basis. This aspect of health insurance can make life much easier, especially for teachers and administrators who may be considering working at the school but who may have pre-existing health concerns.

Learn more about Pre-existing Condition coverage here.

Deductibles, Coverage Areas, and More

By giving human resources the ability to customize deductible levels, and choose exactly where in the world the policy is able to provide cover, constant attention is paid to the financial aspect of the policy and ensuring that budgets are not exceeded.

Coupled with varied tiers of employees this ensures ultimate customization and satisfaction for the entire institution.

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Free School Health Insurance Consultation

If your school or educational institution is considering taking out a new health insurance plan, or if you would like to benchmark your existing plan against the market, please Contact Us to speak with an expert corporate insurance broker today.

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