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CCW Global specializes in providing Law Firms with comprehensive health insurance coverage. From legal practices which operate in a single location with a handful of workers, through to firms which have offices in multiple countries with hundreds of employees worldwide, CCW has expert knowledge of the myriad challenges which face companies operating in the legal industry with regards to obtaining high-quality medical insurance protection.

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Building a Law Firm Health Insurance Plan

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Tailored Coverage Benefits for Senior Partners

For many law firms it is important that more senior employees (including partners) and their dependents are able to receive a higher level of protection than junior analysts and paralegals.

CCW is able to tailor Law Firm Health Insurance policies to ensure that different employee classes are able to receive higher levels of protection in line with their positions in the company – with senior partners able to obtain more comprehensive benefits than junior employees.

This allows practices to offer employees a strong benefits package, whilst providing an avenue to contain costs on staff who may not have been with the organization for a significant length of time.

Bespoke Policy Options for Global Law Firms

In addition to structuring the policy to allow for different levels of cover, CCW can also offer bespoke coverage solutions in line with the need of offices in different geographical locations.

For example, a Hong Kong branch of a law firm may require heightened Traditional Chinese Medicine coverage whilst the practice’s London location would require more comprehensive Outpatient Insurance Protection.

In many cases CCW can work with a firm’s HR team to create a multi-layered health insurance package which caters to the needs of a globally diverse workforce – enabling the practice to offer an employee benefits package which is targeted to the needs of employees.

Additional information on the benefit options available under group health insurance plans from CCW Global can be found by clicking Group Health Insurance Coverage Benefits.

FMU and MHD Contracts

In addition to ensuring that the coverage provided to Law Firm employees is suitable to their role in the organization, and that the benefits offered through the plan are sufficient to meet the coverage requirements of workers in diverse locations around the world, CCW can help legal practices to find the perfect contract type for their health insurance protection – ensuring that any coverage is both long-term and cost-efficient; giving the company a stable offering for many years down the road.

From plans which are Fully Medically Underwitten, accounting for the “healthiness” of the firm’s employees, through to options which offer Medical History Disregarded, allowing for the coverage of pre-existing medical conditions within the group, CCW Global can help law firm HR departments to find the perfect coverage solution.

For more information please click Health Insurance Contracts.


Free Health Insurance Consultations for Law Firms and Practices

If you would like to receive a free, no-risk no-obligation consultation for health insurance coverage on a local or international law firm or other company operating in the legal industry, simply Contact CCW Global to arrange a meeting with an expert health insurance broker.

You can also learn more about the extended services which CCW Global offers to corporate and enterprise clients by clicking About CCW Global.

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