Group Health Insurance Policy Continuation

Group Health Insurance plans from CCW Global can provide continuation protection for members departing the group. This gives companies and businesses a flexible tool for attracting vital talent, as employees are able to continue their health insurance coverage on a personal basis if they ever leave the organization.

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What is Group Health Insurance Continuation?

“Continuation” is the term used to describe the ability of a person to continue their health insurance coverage on an individual basis in the event that they leave the group, company, or business that had previously provided their health insurance plan.

The major point to understand with a Continuation option on a group health insurance policy is that the individual must pay for the cost of coverage out-of-pocket once they have left the group; the company will no longer pay for the former member’s insurance protection.

For example:

Company X gives all employees comprehensive health insurance coverage as part of the employee benefits package. Alice joins Company X and is provided health insurance benefits as part of her employment.

10 years later, Alice decides to leave Company X. Because the health insurance policy purchased by the company included a Continuation Benefit, Alice is able to move to an individual policy after leaving the company with no break in coverage.


How Does a Group Obtain Continuation?

Continuation is available with only a select few group health insurance plans. It is important to know that the premium associated with a group health insurance plan which offers a continuation option may be more expensive than a similar policy which does not provide continuation.

If your group is interested in obtaining a health insurance plan which provides members with a continuation option, please Contact CCW Global to speak with our expert advisor


Continuation and Portability

One aspect of Continuation which often gets overlooked is the portability of the policy once the employee has decided to continue the coverage on an individual basis.

Simply put, portability is the ability of the plan to move with the policyholder as their country of residence changes. However, it is important to note that portability is not generally offered under local health insurance coverage and it is only International Health Insurance plans which will include this benefit.

Portability can be important if the group is located in a transient city, like Hong Kong, where there is a trend for employees to seek opportunities abroad or for expat workers to return to their home country at the end of their overseas role. Including both continuation and portability on a group’s health insurance plan in locations where these trends are heightened can be an extremely useful tool to attracting talented staff who may otherwise reconsider an offer of employment.


Additional Continuation Information for Groups

If you have any additional questions about group health insurance continuation options, or if you would like to learn more about how a continuation option can operate, please Contact CCW Global to speak to our expert advisors and arrange a no-risk no-obligation consultation.

You can also learn more about the extended services offered by CCW Global to our corporate insurance customers by clicking About Us.

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