Industry Specific Group Health Insurance

Just as no two businesses are exactly the same neither are any two industries. While the needs of unique and diverse businesses will change with the organization requiring coverage, there are a number of coverage themes which have emerged within specific industries.

For example, while many Law Firms may not find Ship-to-Shore evacuation protection necessary, this type of benefit can be highly worthwhile for sailors or shipping agents within the international Maritime Industry.

Alternatively, companies within the finance industry, such as bankers and hedge funds, may find a large amount of potential in a policy which provides coverage in emerging markets but excludes protection in North America or the European Union.

At CCW Global we take an individualized and bespoke approach to the Corporate Health Insurance advice we offer; ensuring that all aspects of your business, from the industry you are in through to the number of workers you employ and the average length of their tenure, are taken into consideration when looking at the best medical insurance package for your company.

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Specialist Advice for Your Specific Industry

No matter which industry your group operates in, the expert global health insurance consultants at CCW Global can help you to identify the best coverage options available.

Whilst we are able to advise on health insurance products in relation to a range of business sectors, the specialists at CCW truly excel in providing specific advice to the following industries:

By focusing on these industries we are able to provide exceptional advice which relates to your organization’s specific needs and concerns. For more information about the international health insurance products and services available in relation to the listed industries please click on one of the above links.


Free Global Health Insurance Advice for Groups and Companies

If you would like to receive a free consultation about your company’s global health insurance needs, simply contact us to speak to one of our expert health insurance advisors. Our advice is provided at no cost or obligation to your organization, and we are able to benchmark options against more than 40 leading international insurance providers.

For more information please contact us today.

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