Group Health Insurance for Media Companies

News happens all over the world, and where there is news there will be journalists. And where there are journalists there will normally be newspapers. Ignoring the wealth of affiliated media industries across the planet, Journalists, Correspondents, and New Outlets often have unique needs for their health insurance.

While a story may be happening in one country today, a new story could come up somewhere else tomorrow. Further to this, there is no guarantee that any given story will be particularly “safe.” From natural disasters like Typhoons and Earthquakes, through to Riots and active war zones, Journalists and employees of news media often require far more robust and dynamic health insurance solutions than workers in other industries.


Media and Journalism Medical Insurance Plans

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International Media Health Insurance

A true international medical insurance policy is one of the biggest assets available to modern media companies employing workers who often travel overseas for work.

By ignoring nation’s borders an international health insurance plan is able to protect journalists and overseas correspondents under a single policy, no matter where they may be located or where their story may take them. This removes many back office administrative headaches as HR can purchase a single policy to cover the entirety of the workforce across the world for a full year.

This also provides security and peace-of-mind to workers (whether they are journalists or office employees) that they have insurance in place should they have to undertake a last-minute trip overseas. This is especially true if the employee is going to a destination with a heightened risk of danger.

Media Companies have the option to chose where their policy will provide coverage to employees. While a true worldwide policy is the most flexible option it also carries the highest costs. However, many international health insurance companies offer options for geographical coverage that includes Worldwide Excluding the USA, South East Asia, and more. This gives you the perfect amount of control to ensure that both your employees and bottom line are protected.

For more information please click Corporate Health Insurance Coverage Areas.

Media Health Insurance Coverage Options

On top of the vital geographic protection offered by a Media Health Insurance policy, companies also have the ability to tailor the exact types of coverage being given to employees under the plan. While all Media Health Insurance policies will start with In-Patient health insurance coverage at their core, these plans can be tailored specifically to the needs of your organization or employees.

For example, some of the many benefits that can be included in a Media Health Insurance policy are:

While not all of these benefits will apply equally to all sections of your workforce it is important to note that you are often able to give different classes of workers different levels of cover. This enables you to ensure that all workers are properly covered in line with their job duties.

For more information please click Corporate Health Insurance Coverage.

Kidnap and Ransom Protection for Journalists

While not covered under a media health insurance policy, Kidnap and Ransom insurance should sit alongside a company’s healthcare offering; especially for news organizations who send journalists to some of the most dangerous places in the world.

While K&R insurance will not prevent a journalist from being kidnapped it will ensure that Ransom Payments are provided, and will also normally provide a benefit in the event that the kidnapped individual is killed or dismembered. Additional medical costs, legal expenses, crisis negotiators are all covered under most Journalist Kidnap and Ransom insurance products.

Please click Global Kidnap and Ransom Insurance for more information.


Free Media Health Insurance Consultations

If your media company or news organization is considering the uptake of a new health insurance policy, or if you would like to benchmark your existing policy against the wider market, please to arrange a free no-risk, no-obligation consultation with one of our expert Corporate Health Insurance brokers.

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