Aviation Industry Insurance Plans

CCW Global is able to provide a wide range of coverage options to pilots unions and airlines worldwide which ensure that comprehensive insurance is in place to meet the demanding international needs of workers and businesses operating in the global Aviation industry.

Aviation Industry Insurance Options

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Pilots Loss of License Insurance

One of the major concerns faced by pilots worldwide is a loss of their flying license. Simply put, if a pilot’s license is suspended or revoked, the individual is unable to continue in their profession (either for a specific length of time or for an indefinite period).

CCW Global can offer Pilot’s Loss of License insurance to pilots in Hong Kong and the APAC region which would provide a lump sum benefit should the individual’s flying license be suspended or revoked; allowing for financial security in a stressful situation.

For more information please click Pilot’s Loss of License Insurance.

Global Aviation Health Insurance

One of the unique aspects of the aviation industry can be found in the fact that workers and cabin staff routinely travel away from their home, or base countries. During these overseas assignments a major concern is often seen in the ability of aviation employees to receive quality healthcare should it be needed – many domestic health insurance plans will not cover workers overseas, necessitating the purchase of short term travel insurance products, of which the purchase can quickly become extremely expensive.

CCW Global specializes in offering aviation businesses, including Airlines and Pilots unions, with flexible and bespoke international health insurance solutions which will allow members to receive the highest standards of healthcare anywhere in the world.

Aviation Liability Insurance

Airlines are exposed to major liability concerns on a daily basis – from mechanical issues, food quality concerns, and passenger injury, the list of liability exposures is virtually endless.

Airline liability insurance can be complicated to source for many aviation businesses, with the costs of necessary coverage often becoming a major source of distress for many companies operating in the industry.

CCW global is able to provide extensive Aviation industry liability insurance. Please click the link for more information about this type of insurance protection.


Free Aviation Industry Insurance Consultations

If your company is operating in the global aviation industry and would like to obtain an assessment on your current insurance coverage, please Contact CCW Global today to speak to an expert international insurance advisor.

All consultations are undertaken on a risk-free basis, and CCW’s insurance benchmarking services are offered free of charge.

For more information, please click Our Corporate Insurance Advice.

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