International Maritime Industry Insurance

CCW Global is able to provide comprehensive insurance options to businesses and workers operating in the international maritime and shipping industries.

The bespoke Maritime Insurance products we offer are able to address a wide range of specific risks commonly encountered by the marine industry, and enable companies to access the best possible protection for the business and their employees.



Marine Industry Insurance Solutions

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Global Marine Health Insurance

One of the core challenges for many maritime businesses can be found in the fact that crews are often on overseas assignment for many months of each year, travelling from port to port around the world. The transient nature of the global shipping industry has meant that it can be difficult for crew members to find high quality health insurance due to a variety of regulatory issues as well as a reluctance of many leading international insurers to provide coverage to a perceived high-risk demographic.

To address this problem, CCW Global is pleased to be able to offer employees of marine businesses as well as active crewmembers with comprehensive and flexible health insurance protection which can provide high levels of medical protection both on and offshore. Marine health insurance plans can be tailored to meet the specific coverage requirements of crewmembers and can be customized to include benefits for in-patient, out-patient, and emergency evacuation protection.

International Marine Cargo Insurance

CCW Global specializes in sourcing extensive cargo insurance options for marine shipments in Hong Kong, China, and the greater APAC region.

No matter where goods are being shipped to, there is always a risk of that cargo may suffer some form of loss in-route to its final destination. From late season hurricanes and typhoons, computer and equipment failure, and even basic human error, accidents can and will happen.

Comprehensive international marine cargo insurance plans can be taken for single shipments or as an open-policy, protecting all the cargo shipments a company or shipping agent may make over the course of a given year.

Worldwide Marine Hull Insurance

From Shipyards to Bulk Carriers, Container Vessels to Cruise Vessels, the biggest assets of many companies operating in the international maritime industry are the ships and boats carrying goods and passengers around the world.

CCW Global can provide affordable and targeted Marine Hull insurance options to maritime industry businesses in Hong Kong, China, and the Asia Pacific Region which offer high quality coverage against physical damage, collisions, and third party liability for the complete range of ship operations. Offering Blue Water protection as well as Inland/Costal Water and Shipbuilders coverage, Marine Hull and Liability Insurance options are designed to secure the assets of maritime companies across Asia.

International Piracy Insurance

Offering comprehensive protection for crew kidnapping and vessel hijacking, CCW Global is able to provide extensive coverage solutions to maritime organizations against one of the biggest risks of the high-seas; piracy.

While acts of piracy have been on the decline since 2012 due to extensive efforts by China, the USA, and the rest of the international community, piracy remains one of the single biggest risks to shipping in many parts of the world. With more than US$ 60 million being paid to pirates each year, a maritime piracy insurance policy can help to ensure that shipping companies are fully protected in the event of a hijacking or kidnapping event.


Free Maritime and Marine Insurance Consultations

CCW Global’s expert marine insurance brokers are happy to arrange a free no-risk, no-obligation consultation with companies operating in the international maritime industry to assess the suitability of the marine insurance products we offer. From independent benchmarking through to product assessments, if your company would like to arrange an investigation into the availability of comprehensive Maritime insurance products, please Contact Us Today.

Additional information about the services which CCW Global is able to offer to corporate and enterprise clients can be found by clicking About CCW Global.

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