Trade Credit Insurance

CCW Global is able to provide comprehensive Trade Credit Insurance coverage to businesses in Hong Kong, China, and across the Asia-Pacific region.

Trade Credit Insurance, also known as Export Credit or Business Credit Insurance, is designed to protect companies against losses from non-payment by a buyer for delivered goods. This type of insurance is able to cover both domestic and export buyers of a company’s products.

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Trade Credit Insurance Coverage

A Trade Credit Insurance policy will protect a company against losses from non-payment of accounts receivable in the event that a customer defaults on payment (whether the default is due to political or financial reasons).

Coverage under a Trade Credit Insurance policy from CCW Global will normally include protection for:

  • Indemnity for losses stemming from unpaid receivables
  • Recovery outsourcing and debt factoring
  • Facilitation of additional credit
  • Balance sheet and cash flow
  • Solvency capacity analysis
  • Coverage of entire buyer portfolio
  • Ability to tailor-make benefits

A Trade Credit Insurance plan will normally be an annual contract, lasting for 12 months, after which the policy can be renewed for continuing coverage. Additionally, the coverage can insure the company against buyers in any country in the world, with policyholders able to select a specific buyer or class of buyers to receive protection from.

The total premium of the coverage will vary dependent on the value of the goods being sold and the risk rating of the location of the buyer and will ensure protection of up to 90 percent of the total value of the defaulted payment due.


Free Trade Credit Insurance Consultation

If you would like to receive a free, no-risk no-obligation consultation to discuss the Trade Credit Insurance options best suited to meet your business’ requirements, please Contact Us today to discuss your insurance needs with an expert CCW Global insurance broker.

Additional information on the services offered by CCW Global can be found by clicking About Us.

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