Pre-Existing Insurance Coverage for Groups

CCW Global can provide comprehensive group health insurance plans around the world which will offer coverage for any pre-existing conditions currently being suffered by members of the group.

The ability to provide coverage for pre-existing medical conditions is one of the major benefits of a group health insurance policy due to the fact that these conditions are normally excluded from protection under the plan with many individual and family policies.

However, due to the unique nature of corporate, business, and group medical insurance plans, insurance providers can offer coverage for any pre-existing conditions being suffered by group members – from dental to surgical concerns, the costs of treatment associated with pre-existing medical conditions can be fully covered under corporate health insurance options offered through CCW Global.

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Pre-Existing Condition Insurance on Group Medical Insurance

Pre-existing medical conditions, that is to say medical conditions which existed prior to an individual’s enrolment on a health insurance policy, are normally excluded from coverage when someone applies for health insurance on an individual or family basis.

This is due to the fact that insurance is designed as a mechanism for the equitable exchange of risk, and that an existing medical condition is not a risk but is, rather, a fact. Consequently the “risk” associated with the cost of treating an existing medical condition cannot be exchanged.

However, due to the unique nature of group health insurance policies organizations with more than 5 members enrolled under a group medical policy can receive coverage against all pre-existing medical conditions which may be present in the group. This is a major benefit of a group health insurance plan, and means that any conditions from Dental problems through to Cancer concerns can be fully covered (up to the normal policy limits) by the health insurance policy in question.


Medical History Disregarded Insurance Coverage

The reason that pre-existing medical conditions can be covered under a group health insurance policy is due to a specific coverage benefit which exists only on group and corporate plans known as a Medical History Disregarded, or MHD benefit.

A Medical History Disregarded benefit is only available under group health insurance policies – it is important to note that individual health insurance customers are unable to receive the benefit of MHD coverage.

Additionally, bigger groups with 20 or more employees can receive extended MHD and coverage benefits – including the removal of all policy waiting periods.


Why Consider Pre-existing Coverage on Group Health Insurance?

If you have a big enough group then the ability to provide coverage to your members for their pre-existing medical conditions can be an extremely attractive benefit when it comes to attracting and retaining key talent.

When coupled with extensive direct settlement networks, a company offering pre-existing condition coverage to employees will ensure higher levels of staff satisfaction (both in terms of the employee’s benefit package and the efficiency of the insurance offering) due to the fact that no claims will be rejected due to medical conditions having existed prior to the formation of a policy.


Free MHD and Pre-existing Insurance Advice for Groups

CCW offers no-cost health insurance benchmarking and analysis to businesses and companies worldwide. If you would like to arrange a no-risk consultation with an expert CCW Global insurance broker to discuss the possibility of including Pre-existing condition coverage or an MHD benefit on your company health insurance plan, please Contact Us Today

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