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Pilot and Airline Health Insurance

With the inherent nature of the aviation industry and all the international travel that is simply an every day part of the job for pilots and airline crew, a standard local health insurance policy is not a suitable coverage solution for most airlines.

Policies which are bound by geographical coverage restrictions mean that crew would be unable to receive medical treatment overseas, and staff may have complaints is junior cabin crew are afforded the same level of protection as senior captains. Run of the mill, standard, local health insurance policies are unable to offer provisions which would address both of these issues.

As such, Airlines, Aviation-Focused businesses, and pilots’ unions often have to look at comprehensive international health insurance plans from leading global insurance companies to obtain the solutions needed.

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Aviation Group Health Insurance Plans

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Arline Health Insurance Coverage

International health insurance plans for pilots and airlines are able to offer an extensive range of flexible and comprehensive policy benefits. These coverage options allow for a complete customization of the health insurance policy to meet the specific needs of the airline or union in question.

All airline health insurance plans will start with inpatient cover. This enables beneficiaries to have their costs covered for medical treatment which requires an overnight stay in a hospital. Obviously, inpatient treatment is extremely expensive and basic protection for inpatient treatment is a necessity for foreigners in many parts of the world.

From there, Airlines will have the ability to choose from a range of extended coverage options. Benefits which can be added to an international health insurance policy for airlines include:

Additionally, many aviation health insurance options will also include emergency evacuation protection which will allow pilots and crew to be evacuated to the nearest center of medical excellence in the event of an accident.

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Airline Health insurance Coverage Areas

One of the most important aspects for any aviation health insurance plan is that it needs to be geographically flexible and offer protection without the constraints of national borders.

While true international plans are more expensive than policies which define their geographical area of protection, the flexibility this affords schedulers and back office staff in assigning routes without adding to any extra work with respect to additional insurance purchases is invaluable.

An international health insurance plan with worldwide coverage gives airlines a streamlined operating platform and can actually be an overall cost saver with regards lowered paperwork and manhours. Furthermore, without geographical restraints, pilots and crew can be stationed in any city in the world and still receive the guarantee of quality healthcare.

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Airline Health Insurance Customization

Airlines have tremendous power and flexibility when it comes to the health insurance offering they choose to provide to employees.

Airline are able to actually structure their health insurance packages whereby different classes of employees are able to receive different levels of protection under the policy. This allows for higher rates of employee satisfaction as new hires are afforded health insurance protection, but do not get the same level of coverage as veteran employees.

Airlines are also of a size where accessing Medical History Disregarded is eminently achievable. Medical History Disregarded, also known as MHD will give protection to all employees against any pre-existing medical conditions they may have had prior to joining the company.

For more information about the many customization options available to airlines please click Corporate Health Insurance Policy Options.


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