Insurance for the Legal Industry

CCW Global specializes in providing comprehensive insurance services to companies operating in the legal industry. From international law firms to local practices, no matter what the business specializes in, or how the company is set up, CCW can help all legal organizations find the best risk management solutions available.

Law Firm Professional and Financial Coverage

There are an extensive range of Professional and Financial (ProFin) insurance products available to law firms in the APAC region.

From Professional Indemnity Coverage, which will protect your practice against suits stemming from bad advice, through to Directors and Officers and IPO policies, CCW can help practices find the best mix of policies to meet their specific requirements.

Professional and Financial products which may be suitable for a wide range of businesses within the legal sector include:

  • Directors and Officers Insurance
  • Professional Indemnity and Malpractice Insurance
  • Worker's Compensation
  • Partnership Protection Insurance

For more information please click Law Firm Professional and Financial coverage.

Legal Company Health Insurance

One of the major headaches for law firms around the world is ensuring that the lawyers, barristers, solicitors, paralegals and even the admin staff are of the highest calibre. A major way for legal companies to attract and retain high-quality talent is through the offering of comprehensive employee benefits packages which include superior medical insurance coverage.

CCW Global can offer international and local medical insurance options which are tailored to meet the unique needs of individual legal practices; whether a law firm has offices in many countries worldwide, or only has a single location, CCW can help to ensure that the protection given to employees and partners is of the highest standard.

For more information please click Law Firm Health Insurance.

Law Office Contents

With client records, costly computer equipment, and possibly even a corporate art collection, the contents of a typical law firm can be extremely valuable and hard to replace. While no one want to think about an accident happening, there is always the risk of fire, flooding, and theft. CCW provides bespoke and tailored Office Contents packages which have been expressly designed to cover legal companies against the loss of their office contents.

For more information please click Law Firm Office Contents Insurance.

Free Insurance Consultation from CCW Global

If you are a partner, director, or sole owner of a law firm or company operating within the legal industry, CCW can arrange a free, no-risk no-obligation consultation to benchmark your coverage options. Please Contact Us Today to arrange a meeting with an expert broker to discuss your insurance requirements.

Additional information about the services offered by CCW Global to corporate customers please click About CCW Global.

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