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Office Contents Insurance for Law Firms

A cornerstone of the risk management strategy for law firms worldwide should be the purchase of a comprehensive Office Contents Insurance policy.

In Hong Kong and China CCW Global can offer flexible office contents insurance packages which have been designed to meet the expansive protection requirements of companies operating in the Legal Industry, and will ensure that legal practices are given extensive coverage against a range of common risks.

From business interruption coverage, through to covering specific items of paperwork, documents, and transparencies, Law Firm Office Content Insurance packages provide overarching umbrella coverage for the risks which matter to legal practices.

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Law Firm Office Contents Coverage

With the client paperwork, corporate art collections, and mountain of sensitive data held by a typical Law Firm, it is important that companies operating in the Law industry properly protect themselves against loss, theft, or damage of their office contents.

Typical coverage under office contents packages for Law Firms include:

  • “All Risks” protection for all office contents, furniture, fixtures, fittings, tenants improvements, and office equipment.
  • Architects and Surveyors fees in the event that reinstatement of the office is required following a loss event.
  • Coverage for damage to company signage placed in building lobbies.
  • Coverage for loss of documents in transit.
  • Coverage for expenditures made following insured losses and interruptions, including the costs associated with arranging temporary premises.
  • Denial of access protection in the event that an emergency, or damage to a nearby property, results in employees being unable to enter the office.
  • Loss of Gross Profit, Gross Revenue and Wages resulting from a Business interruption event.
  • Reimbursement for lost money orders, cash, cheques, and postal orders, inside the office and whilst in transit.

In some cases CCW Global may be able to arrange customized Office Contents protection in Hong Kong, which can include bespoke loss protection.

For more information about the packages available to corporate customers please click Office Contents Insurance.

Law Firm Corporate Art Insurance

Many established Law Firms possess corporate art collections but due to the high-value nature of works of art, standard office contents insurance packages rarely provide sufficient cover for these items in the event of loss, damage, or theft; a single painting by an artist like Damien Hirst can exceed the total coverage limit of generic office contents insurance packages many times over.

Because of this, CCW Global is able to offer Law Firms in Hong Kong, China, and throughout the Asia-Pacific region with comprehensive Art Insurance solutions which will cover the organization’s corporate art collection worldwide, and can insure artworks in all of the firm’s offices around the world.

While Corporate Art Insurance does not cover any additional contents of a law firm’s office, this type of coverage can be used in tandem with a standard office contents insurance policy to ensure total protection of all the items within a Law Firm’s offices.

Additional information about Corporate Art Insurance can be found by clicking the link.


Free Office Contents Insurance Consultations for Law Firms

If you would like to receive a free consultation for office contents insurance on a Law Firm operating in Hong Kong or China, or if you would like to look at covering your firm’s art collection around the world, please Contact CCW Global to arrange a meeting with one of our expert corporate insurance brokers today.

You can learn about the additional services which CCW Global offers to our corporate and enterprise customers by clicking About CCW Global.

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