Education Liability Insurance

Education organizations are tremendously impacted by liability risks. From private tutorial centers facing professional indemnity claims, schools concerned about public and 3rdparty liability exposure, and even the staff liability of an accident happening, in the world of education liability exists everywhere.

CCW Global is an expert in assisting schools and affiliated educational institutions with mitigating these various liability exposures. We have a comprehensive understanding of where liability risks exist and how to manage those risks through comprehensive insurance coverage.

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Types of Education Liability Insurance

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School Employee Compensation Insurance

All businesses in Hong Kong are required to hold an Employees’ Compensation Insurance policy; this legal requirement also includes Schools. This is a form of insurance that protects an employer’s liability against a worker suffering an accident or injury during the routine course of their job.

Teachers are often asked to wear many hats. From classroom activities, to School trips, and even extracurricular activities, teachers work long, tiring days, and face a variety of environments throughout the day.

Quality Employees’ Compensation insurance will protect the school against worker’s compensation claims should a tuba fall on the band teacher’s head, or if the gym teacher tears a ham string, or if the history teacher falls off the bus on a field trip.

For more information please click Employees’ Compensation Insurance.

Public Liability Insurance for Schools

Schools have a lot of foot traffic on any given day. Starting with the students, you have parents, delivery men, speakers and invited guests, and possibly sports teams from other schools. If you have a school fair or block party, or if your hosting an arts function, then literally anyone could be on the property.

Public liability protects a school against its liability towards members of the public who may suffer an accident or injury while on their property. Obviously public liability claims can potentially be quite expensive.

While public liability insurance is not a legal requirement, it may be a contractual obligation for licensing reasons, and should anyway be considered as a part of a school’s overall risk management portfolio.

For more information please click Public Liability Insurance for Businesses.

Professional Indemnity for Educators

As in all advice-giving industries, the risk of imparting incorrect information to customers (or, in this case, students) is fairly substantial. While this risk may not exist for many grade schools to a great extent, it is definitely impacting higher education and specialist tutoring centers.

Professional indemnity is also often referred to as Errors and Omissions insurance, and would help assist with the costs associated with claims of negligence made towards an educator. This could be something as straightforward as a student claiming that the teacher gave them bad lessons causing the student to fail a key professional examination which in turn threatens their job. That student is now suing for damages.

Often overlooked, Professional Indemnity can be invaluable for educational institutions due to the sheer number of students they look after; and, at higher education levels, because of what is at stake to those students.

For more information please click Errors and Omissions Insurance.


Free Consultation for Educational Liability Insurance

If your school or educational institution is considering a review of its liability coverage, or if you would like to obtain a free quotation for any of the education liability insurance products offered by CCW Global, simplify Contact Us to arrange a no-risk, no-obligation consultation with one of our expert insurance brokers.

You can also learn more on our quotation process and our team by clicking About Us.

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