Corporate Public Liability Insurance

CCW Global specializes in providing high-quality Public Liability Insurance coverage to businesses in Hong Kong and throughout Asia.

Public Liability insurance plans which we work with are available from many of the region’s leading general insurance companies, and will ensure that a company is comprehensively protected against its risk of injuring a member of the general public or damaging third party property.

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How Does Public Liability Insurance Work?

Public Liability insurance plans for businesses are designed to protect a company against a wide range of liability risks. To understand how a public liability insurance plan can potentially benefit a business we can look at the following examples:

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Public Liability for Property

A retail store has opened up on a ground floor location in a busy shopping district. To attract passer-by’s to enter the business the store erects signage hanging over its entry way. Despite taking all reasonable precautions to ensure that the signage is properly affixed to the building, and was installed in the safest possible manner, a strong storm causes the sign to fall off the side of the building and hit a window for a nearby, third party shop - causing the window to break.

As the owner of the sign the retail store in this example is liable for damages caused by the incident and would have to cover the costs of replacing the second store’s window.

A public liability insurance plan would cover the costs of replacing the window, as well as any other damage which may have been caused by the falling sign, without the business having to worry about handling those expenses out of pocket.

Public Liability for People

A business has decided to renovate its premises. The company has been assembling a large amount of construction materials and has been erecting hoarding around the location to enable ease of access for contractors. However, an employee left some of the construction materials on the side of the street which impeded pedestrian traffic. An unwary pedestrian has tripped over the materials and suffered a bodily injury in the form of a broken arm.

Because the construction materials were not properly secured, the business is liable to the pedestrian for injuries (including long-term mental suffering) resulting from the accident.

A public liability insurance plan would, in this case, cover the costs of treatment for the injured pedestrian as well as any rehabilitation expenses – enabling the business to continue operations without having to worry about compensation suits from the member of the public involved.

Public Liability at Events

In some cases a business may require short-term public liability coverage to protect itself against a time-sensitive event like a networking function or cocktail party. CCW Global is able to work with companies to create bespoke event liability solutions on an as-needed basis to enable maximum flexibility and protection.


Free Public Liability Consultations

If you would like to arrange a free no-risk, no-obligation consultation with a CCW Global insurance broker to discuss the public liability insurance requirements for your business please Contact Us Today. Our expert advisors will be happy to discuss your public liability needs in greater detail and will help to compare all the options most suitable for the protection of your organization.

You can learn more about the extended services offered by CCW Global to corporate and enterprise clients by clicking About Us.

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