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One of the major concerns for modern businesses in an increasingly globalized world is the issue of providing comprehensive employee benefits packages to members of staff who may be working in a range of diverse locations.

From employees working at an organization’s head office in New York, Hong Kong, or London, to contact workers exploring new opportunities in emerging markets like Cambodia, Laos, and Kenya, finding the perfect health insurance package to cover all members of staff is often a long and tedious process.

To complicate matters further is the current climate of extreme inflation in relation to healthcare costs, and the excessive increases in health insurance premiums which reflect the growing risk involved in the protection being offered. With the costs of group health insurance schemes increasing at an average rate of 10 per cent per annum compound interest, a Corporate Health Insurance package which costs US$ 500,000 today will increase to more than US$ 1,000,000 in 2021 without any changes in the membership or benefits being offered.

Cooper, Claridge-Ware is able to provide a range of innovative and customizable solutions to companies and businesses the world over in relation to their Group Health Insurance and Employee Benefits needs. Offering truly bespoke services which include flexible contract types and customizable coverage options, CCW is a global leader in finding the propositions which will work for your organization.

Global Group Health Insurance Coverage

Cooper Claridge-Ware can provide a range of innovative and emerging answers to a range of current group health insurance problems.

From tailoring you coverage to meet the needs of more senior or junior staff members, to providing localized  and hybridized coverage for domestic employees and the changing expatriate workforce, CCW can offer a wide array of benefit options which can often be customized to suit a specific company.

Common benefit options built in to comprehensive Global Group Medical Insurance plans include:

For a more expansive list of the coverage benefits on offer through a Group Health Insurance scheme from CCW Global please click Group Health Insurance Coverage Options.

Understanding a Group Health Insurance Policy

From choosing a deductible and contract type, through to updating the group's census and ensuring continuation options for departing members, there are many aspects of a group health insurance plan which are important to understand - both prior to enrolling in a policy and throughout the lifetime of the plan's coverage.

CCW Global provides extensive policy support and assistance to corporate HR departments, enabling companies to smoothly and efficiently manage every aspect of their medical insurance policy. Areas in which CCW is able to provide assistance include:

For further information about the various types of assistance which CCW Global is able to offer to our group health insurance customers please click Understanding The Policy.

Industry Specific Health Insurance Solutions

There is a tendency within the Global Health Insurance market to treat companies within a diverse range of industries with the same brush; providing broad stroke, one-size-fits-all answers to a myriad of unique, and often contrasting, problems.

No two industries or companies are the same and each organization, no matter which industry it belongs to, will have its own challenges. These challenges require personalized solutions which usually cannot be provided through rote quotations and limited engagement with key stakeholders.

Cooper Claridge-Ware has extensive experience in providing comprehensive risk management and employee benefits services to international companies in the following industries.

  • Legal Practices and Law Firms
  • Airlines and Pilot Unions
  • Shipping and International Maritime Organizations
  • Finance, Banking, and Fund Management Companies
  • Educational Institutions and Teachers
  • Oil, Gas, and Mining Businesses

For more on the customized services and solutions which CCW is able to offer in each of these sectors please visit Industry Specific Health Insurance Services.

Free Group Health Insurance Quotes and Advice

If you would like to investigate your options for comprehensive group health insurance coverage around the world, please Contact CCW Today.


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