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27 January 2023

Interim CEO Appointed at CCW Global to Oversee Management Change

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CCW Global Limited, a leading independent international insurance brokerage headquartered in Hong Kong, today announced the appointment of David Herratt as Interim CEO following the resignation of company Chief Executive and Co-Founder Christopher Claridge-Ware.

Claridge-Ware will be leaving his position with CCW Global at the end of May 2014 and is planning to relocate to Europe.

David Herratt will be overseeing the management transition following Claridge-Ware’s departure, and ensure continuity of CCW’s business until a permanent Chief Executive is appointed in the coming months.

Mr. Claridge-Ware’s interim successor, David Herratt, is a Fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute and Fellow of the Institute of Risk Management. He is also a former CEO of both Swiss Insurance Partners and William Russell Limited in Hong Kong. Herratt’s many years of experience managing international insurance companies will allow CCW Global to continue its operations without interruption following the departure of Claridge-Ware.

Mr. Claridge-Ware has worked in the insurance industry for more than 30 years, and had previously held senior positions within Lorica Consulting Limited and Bupa International. He helped to found CCW Global under the name Cooper Claridge-Ware in 2012 in order to provide higher levels of service to insurance consumers in Hong Kong and throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

Claridge-Ware also steered the firm’s rebranding operation from Cooper Claridge-Ware Limited to CCW Global Limited, and the company’s decision to broaden its services to include, for example, Event and Art Insurance products.

CCW Global will continue to provide customers with the high-quality bespoke insurance services the company is known for whilst expanding its focus on specialist insurance products. CCW offers independent and comprehensive advice on insurance options for individuals and businesses across Asia and the rest of the world.

On Mr. Claridge-Ware’s departure from CCW Global Sam Cooper, the company’s Managing Director and Co-Founder, said “the entire CCW team is sorry to see Christopher go.”

Cooper further added “Christopher was instrumental in the creation of CCW, and his influence on the success of the organization, in addition to his encyclopaedic knowledge of the international health insurance industry will be sorely missed… We wish Christopher all the best upon his return to the United Kingdom.”

CCW Global is an international insurance broker providing bespoke coverage options for health and life insurance customers worldwide. The company also specializes in Business, Art, and Event insurance products in Hong Kong.

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