Media Industry Insurance

From costly hacking incidents to errors that degrade an organization’s reputation, the modern media landscape is awash with risks. Traditional print journalists and newspapers are just as exposed to these risks as new media organizations and digital agencies.

CCW Global is an expert is assisting Media Companies with their risk management portfolios and ensuring that the organization is comprehensively protected against any eventualities; both back office and front of house.

Cyber Insurance for Media

Most news in the modern world is consumed on the internet, and most news organizations are media companies – whether they cam from traditional print media or are involved in broadcast. Add to this the incredibly complex agency ecosystem assisting non-media companies with their media activities, and it quickly becomes apparent that the digital landscape on which the modern media industry is built is a significant risk.

From malware and spear phishing through to more basic social engineering, the cyber risks faced by media companies are evolving every day. CCW Global is an expert in assisting media companies with mitigating these risks in the most comprehensive manner possible.

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Media Industry Health Insurance

The news never stops. In ever corner of the world there is a journalist from some far-flung news outlet reporting on a story – whether its war, or the economy, or even a human-interest piece. That’s not even getting into the international nature of the media business, or the frequent overseas trips taken by Agency executives.

A standard health insurance policy is not going to be sufficient for a war correspondent dropped into the middle east, or someone who routinely travels between the USA, China, and London on business. CCW Global is an expert in assisting media organization with their health insurance needs, from publicity basketball tours in North Korea, to photoshoots of the Gobi Desert, we know the flexibility needed by journalists from their health insurance.

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Errors and Omissions insurance for the Media

Presenting incorrect or factually misleading information is a major risk for any organization in the Media Industry. Whether a client has received bad advice leading to a financial loss, or a journalist go their facts wrong and a retraction needs to be published, people make mistakes but in the media industry those mistakes are often very visible.

CCW Global is able to offer comprehensive Professional Indemnity and Errors and Omissions Insurance coverage for media organizations to ensure that they are properly protected against claims of malpractice or negligence.

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Free Media Industry Insurance Consultations

CCW Global is please to offer free, no-risk no-obligation consultations to organizations in the media industry with relation to their insurance. Our expert corporate insurance brokers are able to provide impartial and unbiased advice on the complete range of risks facing your business. Please Contact Us to arrange your consultation today.

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