Global Marine Hull Insurance

CCW Global is able to offer comprehensive Marine Hull Insurance options to corporate ship owners for single vessels and fleets in Hong Kong, China, and across the APAC region.

Designed to protect ship owners against loss, damage, and collision liability protection, corporate marine hull insurance plans can be taken on a wide range of vessel types – often providing complete protection for a maritime company’s fleet under a single flexible policy.

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Marine Hull Insurance Coverage

Marine Hull Insurance plans from CCW Global can be taken to insure a wide range of vessels, including coverage for:

  • Fast Ferries and Fast Craft
  • Utilities Craft and Pipe/Cable Laying Vessels
  • Harbour Craft, Tug Boats, Supply and Dive Support Vessels
  • General Cargo Ships
  • Tankers, including Crude, Chemical and Product Tankers
  • Cruise Ships and Pleasure Craft, including Floating Casinos
  • Bulk Carriers
  • Floating Dry Docks and Docks
  • Fishing Vessels and Fleets
  • Articulated Tugs and Barges

Coverage is generally offered for Loss of Vessel, Vessel Damage, and Collision Liability, but can also include protection against:

  • Builders and Conversion risks
  • War Risks
  • Mortgagees Interests
  • Increased Value, Freight, and Anticipated Loss of Earnings
  • Port Risks
  • Excess Hull Cover

Commercial Marine Hull Insurance plans are designed to be extremely flexible and can normally be tailored to meet the exact requirements of the organization which owns the vessel.

From a broad range of ship classes, through to a diverse range of comprehensive risk protection, Hull and Machinery insurance from CCW can secure the major assets of international marine organizations and businesses.


Free Marine Hull Consultations

If you would like to receive a free no-risk, no-obligation consultation from CCW Global regarding marine hull insurance coverage on a vessel owned by your company, simply Contact Us Today to speak with an expert marine insurance broker. Our staff will help you to benchmark your existing coverage against marine insurance policies offered by leading international marine underwriters – helping your company to receive the highest levels of coverage possible.

You can learn more about the services which CCW Global offers to corporate and enterprise customers by clicking About Us.

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