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Finance Industry Professional Insurance

Whether you’re are a multinational bank, a hedge fund with regional offices, or an accountant running a sole proprietorship, there are a range of insurance products available to help you manage the various financial and professional risks you face on a daily basis.

From protecting the company against its own employees, its directors, and even shareholders, the scope of Professional and Financial insurance (also known as ProFin) options catering to Finance and Financial services companies.

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Types of Professional Inusrance

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Finance Professional Indemnity Insurance

One of the biggest risks facing any business in the financial services industry is that of making an error. Or, perhaps even worse, being accused of an error. Professional Indemnity cover should be a foundation of any financial company’s risk management strategy. Also known as malpractice insurance, or errors and omissions insurance, Professional Indemnity cover can be the most valuable investment a financial services company ever makes.

For more information please click Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Financial Directors and Officers insurance

Protecting the business against the actions of the most senior executives in the course of their official employment capacity against “wrongful acts” and claims of wrongful acts, ensuring your business continuity following exposure to a major financial and reputational risk.

There are a wide range of “wrongful acts” covered by most Directors and Officers insurance products, and protection against a wide range of “claims.” Ensuring your business is able to manage its obligations and continue during the midst of what would otherwise be a crippling event.

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Corporate Shareholder’s Protection Insurance

Similar to a keyman policy, Shareholder’s protection is suitable for smaller limited companies and partnerships and will enable a business to purchase shares in the event of a major shareholder’s death. This allows business continuity in the wake of a tragic situation, provides the family of the shareholder with financial assistance in a time of need, and creates a solid foundation for the future of the business.

For more information please click Shareholder’s Protection Insurance.


Free ProFin Insurance Consultations for Finance Companies

If your company is within the financial industry and would like to arrange a free consultation with an expert CCW Global corporate insurance broker to discuss your Professional and Financial risks, please Contact Us Today.

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