Contractor's All Risks Insurance

CCW Global is able to provide Contractors and construction businesses with comprehensive Contractor’s All Risks, or Contractor’s Erection Risks protection.

Also known as “CAR Insurance,” Contractor’s All Risks Protection does exactly what the name suggests – protects contractors from all of the risks they face while on the job. Applicable to any type of construction job, CAR protection in Hong Kong ensures that no matter what happens, you have the liability benefits and indemnification coverage you need.

Contractor’s all risk protection is normally a bespoke product; tailored to the exact needs of your project and budget. From interior decorators renovating an apartment through to massive multi-floor high rise constructions, Hong Kong CAR Insurance works for you and the risks you face every day.

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Contractor's Insurance Premiums

Premiums associated with Contractors All Risks Insurance in Hong Kong will be dependent on a number of factors including, the level of coverage you have chosen to obtain, the nature of your job, and the comprehensiveness of your policy.

Choosing to obtain a fully comprehensive, true all risks policy will be more expensive than simply opting to obtain Public Liability Insurance protection.

However, it should be noted that many Insurance Companies will require a minimum premium for any Contractor’s or Construction Insurance protection. This means that even if you have a small interior design job, that doesn’t have a large amount of risk, you will still expect to pay a minimum premium – a fixed cost for the coverage.


Contractor’s All Risk Insurance Quotes

CCW Global is able to provide Contractor’s All Risks Quotations from many leading insurance companies. Plans we offer can be tailored to suit the specific needs of your next job, and can help to ensure that you are only paying for the exact levels of protection that you need.

To receive a free quotation comparing your Construction Insurance options please complete the short form located here. Alternatively, you can Contact Us to speak directly with one of our expert Corporate Insurance Brokers and learn more about the business insurance products we work with.

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