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Starr International Insurance (Asia) Limited is the Hong Kong branch of leading Global General Insurance company, Starr International Company Inc.

Starr is a leading international insurance underwriter and investment services provider with a diverse and expansive range of personal protection and business insurance products, on offer across 5 continents through the company’s local branch offices.

Starr International Insurance (Asia) Limited is focused on offering high-quality and flexible insurance coverage options in Hong Kong and is the regional headquarters for the company’s activities throughout the Asia-Pacific Region.

Starr’s Corporate History began in 1919 when the company was founded in Shanghai by Cornelius Vander Starr and offered only Marine and Fire Insurance coverage. Throughout the 1920’s Starr expanded across the Asia-Pacific region, opening offices in Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Saigon, Jakarta and Hanoi. In 1943 Starr created Starr International Company Inc, which was incorporated in Panama, and later became the parent company for the entire Starr Insurance group.

In the modern world Starr International Company Inc. is a privately owned holding company with 5 international subsidiaries operating in insurance, 1 Lloyds syndicate, and an extensive investment portfolio.

Starr Insurance Hong Kong and CCW Global

CCW Global Insurance Brokers can offer a range of products from Starr International Insurance, including comprehensive insurance protection in the following areas:

Starr Insurance in Hong Kong is constantly adding new products to the company’s portfolio. As new coverage options emerge, CCW Global will investigate their suitability for our clients and determine whether they are able to provide an adequate level of protection.


Starr International Business Insurance

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