ALC Corporate Health Insurance

CCW Global is able to provide comprehensive group and corporate health insurance options from leading international insurance provider, ALC Global Health Insurance.

About ALC Global health Insurance

ALC Global Health Insurance has been creating high quality international health insurance plans and protecting both individual expats and businesses for over a decade.

Since its launch, ALC Global Health Insurance has been focused on blending traditional insurance practices with the latest technology to create all-encompassing healthcare solutions which properly reflect the everyday risks of the 21stcentury.

A cornerstone of ALC’s insurance philosophy is “going the extra mile,” and this is evident in all aspects of the insurer’s business. From sending ‘ALC Huggy Bear’ stuffed toys to members who have recently given birth, through to ensuring that all hospital admittance issues are solved in a prompt and timely manner, ALC always places the customer at the forefront of the business – much in the same way that CCW Global does.

ALC is one of the most technologically adept corporate health insurance companies working with CCW, and the insurer has a multi-tool multi-platform suite which enables customers to maximize the potential of their policies. From ALC World, a dedicated library of international doctors, hospitals and healthcare providers, through to an intuitive and easy to use online claims service, ALC is making the most of modern technology to offer policyholders the tools which will help to empower their own healthcare experience.

Free ALC Global Health Insurance Consultations

If your company is considering the purchase of a group health insurance policy from ALC, please contact CCW Global to arrange a free consultation with CCW Global. Our expert health insurance brokers will help your key stakeholders to benchmark the coverage from ALC against your existing policy and the rest of the market, as well as help your organization to understand the upside to obtaining coverage from this specific insurer.

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