Cargo, Shipping and Freight Insurance

CCW Global offers extensive Cargo and Freight Insurance options for businesses across the APAC region.

With Hong Kong, China, and the larger Asia-Pacific region increasingly becoming the international hub for the global shipping industry more options are emerging for companies looking to protect their cargo when it is in transit. From raw materials going from Australia and Indonesia to China, and for completed consumer goods going from Chinese factories to markets in North America and Europe, no matter what a business is transporting there is a risk that something may happen to the cargo while it is on route to its final destination.

CCW Global is able to assist producers and shipping agents with finding bespoke marine cargo, land transport, and air freight insurance coverage for a wide range of goods and raw materials which will ensure that the shipments are protected from an array of commonly encountered risks.

International Cargo and Freight Insurance Coverage

CCW Global is able to provide bespoke shipping, cargo and freight insurance plans which will offer coverage for:

  • Marine Cargo
  • Air Freight
  • Inland Transit and Overland Freight

This ensures that goods being transported are protected no matter how they are shipped; whether by sea, air, or land.

Additionally, a Cargo and Freight Insurance plan will cover transported goods against a wide range of risks. Risks covered under a shipping insurance policy from CCW Global include:

  • Loss of shipping vessel or vehicle
  • Fires and explosions
  • Derailment of trains
  • Overturning trucks and lorries
  • Collisions and Contact of vessel or vehicle with external objects
  • Discharging of cargo at a port of distress
  • Earthquakes, Typhoons, and other natural disasters
  • General Average Sacrifice
  • Jettisoning of Cargo
  • Loss from washing overboard
  • Contamination and own damage losses
  • Fresh water and rain damage
  • Theft, Pilferage and Non-Delivery
  • Losses from loading and unloading

Additionally, for businesses that require continual freight coverage for bulk and regular shipments, CCW Global is able to offer annual open cover policies which streamline the coverage process – enabling a company to efficiently forecast the cost of insuring their cargo up-front, rather than having to request a new quotation for each individual shipment made.

Please note that shipping insurance does not cover the non-payment of goods by a buyer. If you wish to insure this risk please consider a Trade Credit Insurance policy.

Free Cargo and Shipping Insurance Consultation

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You can also learn more about the comprehensive services which CCW Global is able to offer to corporate and enterprise customers by clicking About Us.

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