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As part of our Business Liability Insurance coverage, CCW Global is pleased to offer companies in Hong Kong and across Asia with comprehensive Product Liability Insurance solutions.

Product Liability options we offer will protect manufacturers, distributors, and sellers of physical goods against the risk of their products causing actual harm to a consumer’s body or property. In an increasingly connected global economy, goods are frequently being transported from manufacturers in Asia to consumers in the West in the course of a single day. However, the litigious and consumer-centric nature of Western economies presents risks to goods-suppliers in the event that their products may be flawed or faulty.

A Global Product Liability insurance plan from CCW ensures that businesses are protected from lawsuits and compensation claims, anywhere in the world, which have stemmed from the sale or provision of manufactured goods.

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Product Liability Coverage

Under Product Liability Insurance plans from CCW Global businesses can receive comprehensive protection against the risk of failure of manufactured goods. From computer equipment to textiles, stationary to food preparation items, manufactured products of all types are able to be covered under a Product Liability insurance plan.

Each policy is tailored to meet the exact requirements of the company and products being insured, and can include a wide range of extended coverage solutions including benefits for Product Recall Expenses in the event that local regulations have forced the business to recall its goods. Furthermore, a single Product Liability insurance plan is able to provide worldwide product protection – ensuring that a business is afforded liability protection and law suit protection against product defects anywhere on earth.

Additionally, coverage is offered for a wide definition of bodily injury and property damage, and can include protection against a product “injuring” a consumer through humiliation, mental anguish, mental injury, and shock from physical injury.

Because of the bespoke nature of a Product Liability insurance plan from CCW each individual insurance plan is underwritten to cover specific risks associated with a single product.


Free Product Liability Consultations

If you would like to receive a free no-risk no-obligation consultation from CCW Global regarding Product Liability solutions for your company, please Contact Us Today.

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