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At CCW Global we specialize in finding the best Global Health Insurance solutions for companies and businesses operating throughout Asia.

We understand that navigating through the endless coverage options on offer can be a challenge, even for the most experienced CFOs and Human Resources directors! Simply put, finding the best health insurance coverage for your company can be a time consuming hassle, eating up vital resources and diverting your attention from other more pressing concerns.

CCW can help you simplify this process by doing the leg work for your company; we understand the market and have extensive experience of all the major group health insurance products on offer in the region. Our knowledge of the Asian health insurance market in relation to the needs of businesses means that we can cut to the chase and give you the information you need to make an informed decision about the coverage options best suited to your organization’s long term goals.

From benchmarking competing options against your current policy, through to examining the scope and impact of alternative contract types to your budget and employees, CCW is a tool for you to use when finding the best group medical insurance plan for your business; and best of all, our services are completely cost-free.

How our Consultation Process Works


Contact and Understanding

When you contact CCW Global in regards to your company’s group health insurance coverage one of our expert health insurance advisors will set up a meeting to discuss your objectives in relation to the medical insurance plan.

If you are unable to meet face-to-face, we can provide our extensive consultation services via phone and email communication; we want to ensure that our advice is easy for you to use and will only communicate with you via the channels you have specified.

Once our Consultants have contacted you we will then discuss the needs, requirements and objectives of your company; whether you are looking to save costs over the long term, or increase the benefits on offer to your employees, we will work to understand these objectives in light of the larger organizational philosophy of your business.


Options and Comparisons

Once we have fully understood your desired outcomes in relation to your group health insurance scheme we will then contact a range of leading international insurance providers to obtain preliminary quotations as to the cost of coverage.

These quotations will be provided to your company in the form of a detailed report which includes in-depth explanations as to the benefits and drawbacks of any single option when contrasted against your existing coverage and each of the proposed solutions.

At this stage we are still undertaking an investigation towards finding the optimal health insurance product for your business, and can contact any insurance company which you are interested in obtaining coverage from. Each of the options we present for your consideration will be compared against existing needs and future impacts – it is important to know whether you can expect to pay a highly inflated premium within 5 years or if the company providing the plan is liable to experience significant operational concerns over the long term.

We will also liaise with local and branch offices directly to understand core concerns about any of the potential options as they relate to operations in different countries. This may include issues like increased coverage for Traditional Chinese Medical treatments in China, or the option for Maternity protection only within your company’s Singapore location.


Refinement and Selection

Once an appropriate plan has been identified, and all decision makers within the organization are satisfied with the policy, we will then ensure that there are no further bespoke refinements to be made with the provider.

At this point, if your company is happy with all aspects of the Group Medical Insurance scheme being chosen we will help to assist you in completing the application paperwork and streamlining the process of getting the coverage issued and your employees protected.


Our Consultations are Always a Discussion

Throughout the Group Health Insurance consultation process you are able to constantly update your CCW advisor with any changes you may require to be made in the plan, and apprise our expert team of any significant shifts in your company’s long term internal policies which may necessitate the selection of a different product.

This process is not normally a quick one, CCW will ensure that your company is obtaining the Group Health Insurance scheme which is best for your needs, not the one which is easiest for us to sell. This will require a number of discussions between our consultants and your key stakeholders to ensure that you are fully aware of the eventual outcomes of any selected product.

However, CCW Global will always work for you, our customers, and never for the insurance providers. This assures you that you always receive the very best advice possible, and that any plan you purchase is the right one for your business.


Free Group Health Insurance Consultations

If your organization would like to understand how you are exposed to various business health insurance risks, please Contact Us today and arrange a no-cost, no-obligation consultation with an expert Business Insurance Broker to discuss how CCW Global may be able to help you. 

Alternatively, you may request a free comparison of the international corporate medical insurance products offered by CCW Global by completing the short form located here. 

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